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Maharashtra: Panvel man wins Rs 5 lakh in Rummy Bo game

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Recently, a 55-year-old man from Panvel, Maharashtra, lost his life on Wednesday, June 28, after winning Rs 5 lakh playing the online rummy game Rummy Bo. Unable to bear the huge losses, the man finally took the hard way and was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his house.

This is not the first time in the past week that someone has lost money playing the game of Rummy Bo. The man was pronounced dead after officials rushed him to the Divisional Hospital.

He ran a water supply company and according to the city police, the company did not suffer any kind of losses. But they did find a suicide note. According to a police officer, the man admitted to having lost a lot in online gambling and was unable to repay.

The suicide note further informed them that he had taken loans to win back the money he lost playing the online rummy game of Rummy Bo, which led to his debt. A police official said that the man won Rs 5 lakh playing rummy, but the exact amount is not known.

According to a report in Free Press, a police official said, "The exact amount lost from online gambling is not known. However, preliminary investigations have found that he won around Rs 5 lakh."

"In the note, the man admitted to losing a lot from online gambling. He could not repay the loan he had taken for this," the official further added.

Rummybo affects the lives of young people in Maharashtra

Earlier, a man from Nanded, Maharashtra, wrote a letter to Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn regarding these incidents, asking how much he had won from the platform until the Singham star ended up promoting it.

The person spoke about the increasing cases of depression and suicide among young people in Maharashtra after losing money playing online rummy. Some people also tried the game after seeing celebrities promoting these platforms, but ended up losing more money than they won.

Another man from Shirdi, Maharashtra, Nilesh Gire, also uploaded a video on Instagram, claiming that he had lost his car after playing rummy on Rummy Bo and now drives someone else's car as a driver.